Religious Education

Mrs N. Maguire (HOD)

Mrs F. Corry

All students participate in the School’s Religious Education Programme throughout their time in school. This gives them opportunities to deepen their spiritual life and extend their knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Their growth in faith is supported and further encouraged by participation in whole school liturgies, class liturgies and school retreats. They are guided towards an appreciation of the importance of prayer and worship in their lives.

What will I Study?

Fully Alive Programme

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
The Bible

Old and New Testament

Stages in writing the Gospels

The Evangelists

Gospel According to Mark

Baptism & Confirmation

Choices and Morality

Moral Vision

The Temple

Jewish religious leaders

Jesus at school

John the Baptist

Life and Ministry of Jesus

Jesus and the 12 Apostles



Death of Jesus



The origins of the Universe

Christian belief about God and the Universe

Responsible for the Earth

Jesus and the World around Him

The 10 Commandments





The Orthodox Church

Martin Luther

Christianity today


Luke the Evangelist


The Death of Jesus


L’arche Communities


Outer & Inner Self

What do I want to become?

Beatitudes & Values

Choices and my future

Special development

Death and Eternal life 

Friendship and Communication

Friendship with God


Jesus attitude to the world

Jesus and his relationship with others

Focus on unfair feelings

Prejudice, stereotyping & Sectarianism


How will I be assessed?

Homework and Assessment: Homework, both written and learning, will take a variety of forms. Progress will be monitored through End of Unit assessment.

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Religious Studies helps you to explore religions and beliefs and reflect on fundamental questions related to belief. Studying Religious Studies can enhance your personal, social and cultural development and give you a greater understanding of different cultures locally, nationally and in the wider world.

In studying this course you will:

  • develop your interest in and enthusiasm for the study of religion and relate this to the world around you;
  • reflect on and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes; and
  • engage with fundamental questions related to beliefs.

What will I study?

You will study the following two units:

A study of the Gospel of Mark

An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Marks Gospel Content Christian Ethics Content
Background to Mark’s Gospel
The identity of Jesus
Jesus the Miracle Worker
The Kingdom of God
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus
The Role and Nature of Christian Discipleship
Personal and family issues
Matters of Life and Death
Care for the Environment
War and Peace

How will I be assessed?

You will sit two examination papers, one in each of your chosen units. Each unit is worth 50% of the total examination marks. You can sit one unit at the end of the first year of your GCSE course.

Type of assessment

Each written examination will last 1 hour 30 minutes. There will be some questions which require

Short answer responses and some which require extended writing. CCEA sets and marks both papers.

Useful Links

The RE Site: