Miss N. Simmons

In Music, pupils have opportunities to develop the core musical skills of composing, performing and listening. Pupils develop their knowledge, understanding and skills by encountering these core activities in a variety of contexts, learning about both making and responding to music.

Music activities encourage pupils to explore and combine the elements of music (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre and texture) to create structure and style when improvising and composing. They perform individually and in groups, using existing and emerging music technology resources.

Pupils will get opportunities to develop their skills in:

  • expressing and communicating their thoughts, ideas and feelings through making and responding to music;
  • critical thinking and skilful decision-making when combining the elements of music to create compositions and performances; and
  • self-management by working independently and systematically, persisting with tasks, and evaluating and improving their own performance.

The CCEA GCSE Music specification is for everyone who loves music: composing, playing an instrument, listening to music, or using music technology. It encourages students to develop their musical potential by focusing on performing, composing and listening.

Students can explore a range of music, including classical, pop, film, and traditional Irish music. This deepens their appreciation of the diverse heritage of music and promotes their personal, social, intellectual and cultural development.

Component 1: Performing and Appraising

Students present one solo and one ensemble performance. The combined duration of the performances should be no longer than 6 minutes. Students discuss and evaluate performances with the visiting examiner. Discussion lasts approximately 3 minutes.

Total: 35% (Performances: 30% Discussion: 5%)

Component 2: Composing

Controlled assessment – Students create two compositions. One is in response to a pre-release stimulus and one is free choice.

Total – 30%

Component 3: Listening and Appraising

External written examination 1 hour 30 minutes Students answer questions based on familiar and unfamiliar music relating to the Areas of Study.

Total – 35%