Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is concerned with the well-being of all pupils and is the responsibility of all staff within the school.
Our pastoral system aims to:

Actively support the aims of the school
Contribute to the personal, social and emotional development of each individual through the pastoral curriculum
Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of all
Each pupil has a Form Teacher, who gives guidance, help and support to a form class. As well as teach and meet their form classes regularly, they also meet their pupils individually on a regular basis. They monitor progress, encourage success, and support pupils when necessary. In addition to teaching their subject and a programme of Personal and Social education, they have an overview of each pupil’s welfare They maintain links between home and school to ensure that pupils adhere to the school’s “daily routine” including:

  • Academic progress
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Behaviour
  • Homework
  • Uniform

The Form Teachers in each Key Stage are led by a Head of Key Stage who co-ordinates their work, and becomes involved in particular pupil matters when there are continuing concerns about progress or behaviour.

The Head of Key Stage supports the Form Teachers and becomes involved in specific pupil matters when concerns become more persistent and/or serious.
Where parents have concerns, they are encouraged to contact their child’s Form Teacher by telephone to discuss matters or to arrange an appointment.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care of each student is at the centre of the college ethos and curriculum and is embodied in all aspects of college life. Every teacher is a teacher of Pastoral care and has a responsibility to all students.

Form Teacher/Head of Key Stage Co-ordinator
The Form Teacher is responsible for the welfare of a group of students in his/her form. They have contact with students in morning assembly, in class and in form periods. The Key Stage Co-ordinator has an oversight of all students in their group and they meet with the Form Teachers at a monthly meeting where progress is monitored. The Key Stage Co-ordinators have an important role to play in the link between the student and the Principal and also in the link between college and home should the need arise.
In Years 8-10 a Pastoral Programme has been drawn up and aspects of Personal and Social Development are taught. In Years 8 – 10 the programme is modular based and units include: Personal and Social Development, Health Education, Study Skills, Library Skills, Traffic Education, Life Skills, Addiction, Careers and Employability.