• Mr D Nelson

  • Mrs K McCrory

  • Mrs AM Clare-Kelly

History allows us to learn about how and why the world we live in came to exist. It is the story of mankind: of good and evil, the famous and infamous. Pupils learn to investigate significant historical events, forming an understanding of the critical episodes which have shaped our own history, and that of the wider world.

They will research and analyse, develop writing skills, and present conclusions clearly and persuasively. These are transferable skills which will help students of History access a range of careers in later life.

Students enjoy learning about important historical figures, their actions and ultimately the consequences of these actions.

At Key Stage 3 pupils follow the NI Curriculum. The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower pupils to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives as individuals, as contributors to society, and as contributors to the economy and the environment. History has a significant role to play in this as it connects pupils with their past and helps them to construct a narrative of their own lives, raising their awareness of where they came from and how they got here.

What will I study?

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Ireland 1169-1500

The Norman Invasion of England

The Normans in Ireland

The Bubonic Plague

Ireland 1500-1900

The Reformation

The Renaissance

England in the 1600s/Civil War/Cromwell in Ireland

American & French Revolutions


Ireland 1900

The Growth of Armed Nationalism in Ireland

The Partition of Ireland

The Holocaust

The Impact of War in the 20th Century

Year 11

Unit 1: Germany c1918-1941

Unit 1: Changing Relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland c1965-1985 (50%)



Year 12

Controlled Assessment Opposition & Support for the Vietnam War (25%)

Unit 2: The Cold War 1945-1991(25%)


Post-16 (CCEA AS/A2 Specification)