Student Council

Students Council 2016/2017

Year 8A1 Eimear McCann James Brannigan
Year 8A2 Grainne Donnelly Colin Carney
Year 9A1 Michaela McCusker Elvidash Zilonas
Year9A2 Mary Kate Logue Mairead McCarney
Year 10A1 Barry Maguire Danny McGirr
Year 10A2 Mackenzie Healy Peter McWilliams
Year 11 Mollie McGowan Dermott Love
Year 12 Roisin Lynch Caolan McCusker / Meghan McCusker
Year 13/14 Tomas Hunter Megan Logue


Structure of the Student Council
The student council has a representative from each form class. One of these pupils is then elected as the Year Representative. At the first meeting one of these pupils is then appointed to the position of Head of School Council

School Council meetings consist of Year Group Representatives and the Staff Advisor.  These Year Representatives have the responsibility of keeping their year group informed and acting as a link as described in ‘Raising Awareness’.

1) Aims of the Student Council in St John’s College
To give students a voice in the decisions that affect them.
To help create a more positive school community.

2) Role of the Student Council of St John’s College
The School Council needs to strike a balance between:

Doing things.

The Student Council should aim to do things which will improve the school for the students and to increase the sense of community and pride in the school.

Asking for Things

The Student Council must be seen as a positive forum – not a place to moan and complain. However, it is part of the council’s job to ask for things to improve the school for students and to give students a voice and some control over things which directly affect them. Therefore, they should discuss and ask for things to this end.

Raising Awareness.

All groups within the school community: Leadership, Staff, Board of Governors, Parents and Pupils, need to be kept up to date with Student Council issues and activities and given an opportunity to comment on them.
This can be achieved in a number of ways:

Suggestion boxes.

  • Council members speaking in form classes and in Year assemblies.
  • A Council notice board.
  • The Councils Staff Advisor talking to staff and Leadership
  • Letters to parents.
  • School web site


Issues discussed at last meeting


More talks to be in school regarding mental health issues

Training Jersey to be designed if there is any interest

Scarves in school – a school scarf has been requested

Form Class period

Skirts – new design